Thursday, 16 February 2012

days when everything goes wrong

some days in eve
everything can seem like its not going your way

1st my corp lose 2 dreads while trying to destory a small POS, they got ganked by more dreads and a nyx.
then the roam we took out out ganked by a gang twice our size... lessons learnt
then i have to sell my customs office to some stupid people because they want to charge 10% to everyone inc. their own alliance (i told them they are crazy and ownt earn any money or make any freinds (most likey be told to set it back again)) but anyway i sold it and now i need to move my PI somewhere else (im not paying 10% tax)

but good thing is, the dreads shruged off the loss and going to keep going
we will roam today and make up for any misstakes
and i will move my PI to somewhere which is easyer for me to manage

quick update on how eve can throw that curve ball at you. just bonce back again

till next time
fly sideways


  1. Those days I call the touch of Sadim. Instead of gold everything I touch turns a sticky brown substance.

    1. your comment is quite disturbing... so i publish it!!! seems most things i touch turn to dust, at least with my autocannons anyway. but not that day, which makes me a unhappy panda, but! today i sit on a titan (as i type) ready to make the jump in to what is hopefuly a good old fight


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