Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ping, where am i?

ok so what has been going on
ooo god Zama is about to start talking about CTA's again... yer well i done a few of them not as meany as i should basically i been very busy with uni work, but my corp been keeping up with my slack :D which is good

been developing fleet doctrinaire, working of effective fleets that can run in sync with each other for the corp and adding a little bit of FACTS style to them as well. so far got some cov ops fits, BC fits and HAC fits (nope im not going to post them here :P) and working on a few cheap cruiser fits as we speak.

also been loving the price of PI products at the moment i think its coz of the exception of the patch changes (customs office changes mainly, so people are upping the price) which is good for me as when the changes come around its not going to change how much i make (as i will just deploy my own custom offices) and i make more money running up to the changes.

talking the patch... i am liking it... its like my wishlist come true, new BC's (with large guns thats nuts) should be fun to give them ago and i like new model's, the hybrid gun changes (which now means most of the ships i fly are even more deadly), plus the balance issues with suppers and  new mods (tech 2 and that).

right time to move my cap again...

lets see if i can get that video guide on ships and PI up i been talking about so much... if i have time

till my next badly written blog
this is zama
fly sideways

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